Our Reviews

"I am a little ashamed to say, but I was going to another business to get my truck looked at. There was a vibration noise coming from under my truck and I couldn't figure out what it was so I took it to business "X". They couldn't find what was making the noise but they did discover that my front wheel bearings were bad. Both of them! And it would only be about $880 to fix them. I called the dealer to check on prices and they could save me $110...that's better right? A friend suggested that I go see Tim "He's a good guy that won't screw you over". (His quote) About an hour after I dropped my truck off I got a call (that's fast) explaining what he found.
 Wheel Bearings - NOTHING WRONG!
 Vibrating Sound - GONE!"
 Tim just won my business.
 -Facebook Review
"Professional and friendly auto shop, GREAT staff! These people are running a honest business with fair prices and a excellent quality of work! I've taken my vehicles there several times every time getting a same day turn around. They call and explain what needs to be done on your vehicle.. Instead of just doing it and sending you a bill. One visit I had some diagnostics done and it was something minor so they repaired it, only changing me the diagnostics fee. - Recommend to all - Satisfied Customer"
 Phil- Yahoo Reviews
"Outstanding Service Guys! I can not believe you were able to fix my car. It drives like new again. I wouldn't trust my vehicle to anyone else. Thanks for a job well done!"
Dean Johnson

"Your company did an great job on my truck. I was very pleased with the engine services you provided and the extra attention to detail that you put into fixing it. I am glad I decided to go with your shop for my repairs."
Steve Jones

"Tim has been my go to person for auto repairs even before I took my Acadia for an oil change. He is efficient and explains what needs to be done before he begins work and his prices are fair. I always recommend him to my friends and co-workers"
Linda Bach - Motorev review
"Honest, Great Work: As mentioned, Tim's is not cheap. You get what you pay for. They are very honest and do a thorough inspection of the car. They will happily offer an estimate and don't mince words . Both times that I have taken my car there have been met with excellent results."
 - Yahoo Reviews
"Tim's is one of those rare finds... A mechanic who does what needs to be done, doesn't attempt to up sell, and keeps it affordable. I send all of my troops and friends there when they need maintenance they can't complete themselves."
 Derek Dinger - Motorev review.
"Tim's Auto Pro is about the only place I will bring my car. He is honest and will not nickel and dime you with extra's that are not needed. Make sure to call for an appointment, he stays pretty busy but can always get you in the week you call."